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Emergency Work Orders - after normal working hours

Call the numbers below anytime, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week:

Residents will be charged a $25 nuisance fee if the emergency number is dialed and the situation does not fall under the emergency items listed below.

Emergency Issues:

  • Apartment front or rear entry doors
    • If not shutting and/or locking, this is an emergency issue.
  • Water heater or refrigerator not working Saturday or Sunday.
  • The commode stopped up/not flushing correctly
    • If you only have one commode, this is considered an emergency issue.
  • Heat
    • No heat in your apartment is an emergency issue if the outside temperature is below 55 degrees.
    • DO NOT use stove/range as a heat source.
  • Issues that are life-threatening or hazardous to health or cause major damage to the inside or outside of the apartment.
  • Electric shorts in outlets (smoking, sparks, etc.)
  • Waterline is broken
    • The line cannot be shut off
  • Lost Keys - locked out of the apartment
    • If you have locked yourself out of your apartment or lost your keys - neither is an emergency.